Shut The Front Door with Clodagh

06th Mar 2022

Today on Shut the Front Door we are overjoyed to be joined by the phenomenal world-renowned designer, Clodagh. Founder and CEO of the company that carries her name, Clodagh has won numerous international awards in her career and was introduced to Interior Design Magazine’s Hall of Fame in 1997.

Clodagh passionately believes that good design supports well-being and that it can transform people’s lives. The experience of entering a Clodagh designed space is one of blissful serenity. Clodagh’s work has featured across many global publications including The New York Times, Forbes Magazine and The Wall Street Journal.

Her portfolio is a treasure trove of the most amazing designs in hospitality, private residences and spas globally. Clodagh’s work can also be seen in Museum of Modern Art in New York City, where she was invited to design the furniture collection for the Modern terrace.

Clodagh travels the world for business and inspiration.  An advocate for education and well-being, she tirelessly supports organizations fostering education in the developing world, including the Thorn Tree Project, and animal welfare via Ape Action Africa.

Originally from Co Mayo and currently based in New York City, Clodagh has set the international design world alight with her distinct and recognisable style. Described as a modern design icon, Clodagh was one of the earliest adopters of Feng Shui in her design practice and is once again ahead of the curve with her use of cutting-edge modalities such as chromatherapy and biophilia in her projects.

Acclaimed designer, author, wife, mother to three sons, and adored grandmother, I am so excited to welcome Clodagh to Shut the Front Door today.

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