Shut the Front Door with Patrick Bergin

29th Nov 2020

Today on Shut the Front Door we are joined by legendary actor and musician Patrick Bergin. During his career, Patrick has worked on over 80 film and TV movies. He became a household name internationally after co-starring alongside Julia Roberts in one of Hollywood’s most memorable thrillers ‘Sleeping with the Enemy’ and for his role as Irish terrorist Kevin O’Donnell in the film adaption of ‘Patriot Games’. Patrick is also a star of the small screen, playing the fearless Aidan Maguire in EastEnders and Jim Tierney in Red Rock. A man of many talents, Patrick is an accomplished musician and singer, as well as a champion for the arts.

Born in Dublin, Patrick left for the city of London in the early 70’s to pursue his calling. One of 5 siblings, partner to Helen and father to Tea, he is currently starring in RTE’s latest drama, The South Westerlies.


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