Shut the Front Door with Sabina Brennan

11th Apr 2021

Today on Shut the Front Door we are joined by Irish neuroscientist and chartered health psychologist, Sabina Brennan.

Last month, Sabina launched her second book, Beating Brian Fog, to rave reviews, and it has just been named as an Irish Times no1 bestseller. She is also the creator and host of the Super Brain Podcast where she talks to inspiring individuals about thriving and surviving in life.   

Sabina’s mission is to get everyone looking after their brain health as routinely as they brush their teeth. She has won many awards in recognition of the societal impact of her work and for her contribution to STEM communication.

She was listed as one of Image Magazine’s Women of the Year in 2018. Sabina is the go-to person for Irish and international media on discussions related to brain health and in particular dementia and ageing.

Married with two sons, we are delighted to chat to Sabina today…

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